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Monday, January 17, 2011

Take a Moment and Be Thankful for Your Freedom

I just wanted to acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King Day. It's more than an extra day off or a time to have a sale. It's a time to celebrate a man that gave more than just black people their freedom. Along with countless other men and women, Dr. King fought for all our freedom. He not only gave civil rights to black people, he gave it to all Americans. Now we are all free to love as we choose, go to school with who we want, live in neighborhoods that we desire, have friends who are different races from us, and work where our talents are appreciated. People gave their lives so that I could have the freedom to marry Matt and make a family with him. I don't want this day to pass without a big thank you to those folks. And I ask each and every one of you reading this, what are you doing to keep the spirit of service going? Think about it and if you can't figure something out, find a way to serve. It gives you more than you could ever give away.

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  1. Martin Luther King is for me one of the greatest man of America. I rarely heard so smart words of wisdom and love from other people than him. There was famous one before him, and I know that Martin Luther King was a fan of him : Gandhi.

    Martin Luther King is a modern Moses for me : he helped and led his people toward a better future (even if all is not yet completed), with the strength of his faith, his abnegation and his courage. He even sacrificed himself (he was shot at age of 39, but undergone several assasination attempts before and knew about his fate) for that and missed his promised land : to see a US president as Mr Obama.

    With dignity he fought against hate of mad men (racists and paranoiacs) and has always proposed peace and love in exchange.

    When I hear his famous "I have a dream …" speech, I always get a chill on my skin and tears are coming to my eyes. I think Afro American people could be proud of him. I'm not American, nor Black but, but I'm very proud to count a man like Martin Luther King among us. He restored hope and human dignity and proved that humanity is not only made of evil ones just able to kill and destroy.

    God bless Martin Luther King.