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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Think I'm Becoming a Trekkie

Matt loves Star Trek: The Next Generation, we watch it almost religiously. So everytime it's on BBC America we catch it and any other station it happens to be on, 2 others so far. Here's where my descent into Trekkieness begins. I've become a bit obesessed with the show. And since it's been cancelled all the repeats come on regularly and so I'm always looking for a show I've never seen. When we watch together Matt's fills me in on who's who and their back story and I love it. So now I find myself looking for Star Trek: TNG on televison. I know it comes on at 1 am on a station called JoeTV here in Seattle. I also have figured out that occasionally you can find it on SyFy but you have to look diligently. I've become familiar with the characters and actually have those that I like, I'm particularly partial to Data, not sure why but I just am. Maybe because I find him the most likable character on the show, very forthright without all the extra emotional drama. Although he is programmed in all forms of lovemaking, yea let's see a real man say that LOL. Now Matt doesn't really know how much I'm becoming addicted to Star Trek: TNG, I believe he thinks that I just tolerate it because he likes it. But he couldn't be more mistaken, although I'm not about to tell him anything. I very much enjoy the show and look forward to catching it when I can.

I have now become so addicted to it, I'm familiar with all the main characters and their backstories. It's become a enjoyable moment to just turn off my mind and watch some folks be beamed up and shoot fake lasers at each other and get into some supposedly dangerous but innocuous situations.

The ever present Capt. Jean Luc Picard, I'm digging on Patrick Stewart because of his bald head, he's a little ego driven but an able captain. Commander Riker, the pimpilicious, yea I said it pimpilicious, ship's playboy. Jonathan Frakes is a good looking man with those light eyes and dark hair, he's the type of guy that's hot but not impossibly hot. You know, the type that if you saw him you'd be attracted but you'd know that had a chance to get him with because he's kind of out of shape LOL. You know he's got a bit of a gut. Of course, we can't mention Riker without mentioning Counselor Deanna Troy, Matt went into a long explanation of the character being a Betazoid and what that meant and when they got married they did in the nude. He was most explanatory about Deanna Troy's character he also told me he had a little crush on the actress, Marina Siritis, who plays her back in the day. I could understand that, that skintight onsie catsuit uniform ain't helping. Even in the future women are all thin sex objects but at least they're smarter. You already know I love Data, played by Brent Spiner and lo and behold he's from my hometown, Houston no wonder I got a little something for him, a Texas boy.

The show is rife interplanetary struggles but everyone seems to be in another struggle with their relationships, it's really interesting. Lt. Commander Jordy LaForge is the quintessential black nerd, man I always feel bad for his character, he has no game whatsoever and has some weird shades. Commander Riker, our interstellar lady's man he is bedding every female life form known in the universe and the females life forms are loving it. I love the idea of inter-lifeform swirl, very interesting. Capt. Picard, who's so smooth but he never goes too far with the ladies, he and Dr. Crusher seem to have an on again, off again flirt and I've even seen him give a little bit of the sidelong glance at Whoopi Goldberg's character, Guinan. Even Wesley Crusher, our boy wonder gets a little action. Lt. Worf, well what can I say, someone can hopefully get over the head. I have never sat through the movie versions of the show but maybe one day Matt and I can curl up on the couch and have a Star Trek: TNG film festival. Can you become a Trekkie from living in close quarters with one? I wonder but I must say I love our time bonding over the show.


  1. I grew up watching Star Trek:TNG. It was my family's SHOW, up there with Cosby night, we watched TNG every week. So I have been in love with sci-fi since I was a little girl. My parents loved sci-fi and passed the love on to at least my brothers and I. My three sisters never understood it or they just weren't interested. I was often the only black chick in the theater when Generations came out. I went with a guy friend of mine in college. My ex-boyfriend didn't like sci-fi so I went with my other guy friend who I now believe may have had a crush on me. We just really had a great time together and continued the tradition of watching TNG every week in his dorm room. I'm still wondering why I never got with Dave. He was the coolest guy I knew. Oh yeah, the boyfriend...Anyways, I'm happy that you are getting into TNG. It is so cool. Oh yeah, and you can get all 7 seasons on netflix, so if you have an account you can put them all in your queue and watch them all. My husband and I are doing that right now. My DH is a Trekkie as well and this was one of the things that brought us together. That and fighting games like Soul Caliber, and fantasy books (really fun stuff!!).

  2. Oh Dave, Dave, Dave LOL. I know what you mean, sometimes I wonder what if, too. But your DH is the man that you were meant to be with that's why you're together.

    I love Sci-Fi when I was younger I do remember watching the original Star Trek, with the original sex machine Captain James T. Kirk, with my dad. LOL. I think Matt enjoys this because he's an engineer and sometimes he can really get going when they go all scientific on the show. I'm a law head so usually my eyes glaze over but I am loving the show.