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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Brad Pitt

I love this featured post and I'm just going to continue to do it every week. This one is dedicated to an old star crush of mine, Brad Pitt. My obsession, oops I mean admiration for this man has been a long one. Going back to the days when he starred in 'Thelma & Louise' I didn't even know who he was then but after that movie I never forgot him. How could you I, he looked so good, like the last pork chop on the plate. The amazing part is that even as he ages he just becomes better looking, even when he had that long nasty-looking goatee that made him look homeless, he was still hotter than most men in this world. He is such a handsome man, I've seen studies done that say one of the reasons many women find him so handsome is because of his face structure, it's called the bulldog face, he has it so does Will Smith (who will be featured in one these post later). I'm not making any judgments on his and Angelina's relationship, that's there business. And personally I always thought he was better looking than Jennifer Aniston (that was her fault, she should of just had the baby LOL). Not only is he hotter than the Chicago fire, he has the stink of responsibility and that is really a heady combination in a man. It's almost irresistible. I know his looks aren't for every woman and he doesn't drive every girl wild but to say he's not at least cute, is to say you are blind.

Here is a testament to how hot Brad Pitt is, my best friend and myself took her two teenage nieces and my teenage niece to see 'Twilight' when it came out. At the time 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' was in theaters. As we passed the huge movie advertisement for it, my best friend's niece started going on about how good looking Brad Pitt was and the other girls agreed. I told my best friend, 'oh my god, the man is so hot even teenagers know it.' So enjoy some Mr. Pitt.


  1. OHH i totally dig that Scandinavian look that he has, hes a very handsome man.

  2. Isn't he though, he's originally from Missouri and friend of mine that was raised there says that guys like him are everywhere. LOL. I almost packed my bags and moved to St. Louis. LOL.

    Maybe that's it, maybe that's why I find him so handsome it's that Scandanavian thing. Boy they got some good-looking men over there. And really manly, my fiance is of Scandanavian descent (it's Swedish/Norweigan) and I'm noticing that they all have similar facial features, it's crazy.

  3. I love my Scandinavian man as well, fully Swedish though :)

    Heres another one of my favorites, hes a bit to old for me nowadays but look at him when he was younger.

    Viggo Mortensen

    And he made my panties wet when watching lord of the rings LOL.

    He got that rugged charm :)

  4. Oh I love Viggo, he's super sexy. He'll be on the hot list soon.

    I must say something although I always say Matt is Swedish/Norweigan. On his dad's side he's pure Swedish but his dad was adopted by some Norweigan neighbors so he was raised Norweigan. On his mom's side he's Scottish. But really when I look at other Swedish men, their faces always remind me of his face especially the noses, they have great noses LOL.