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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Love-Racy JC

Today I am sending out mad blog love to Racy JC's blog. Racy JC is author, JC Davies and she recently wrote and published a book called "I Got The Fever" a guide to intercultural dating. And I say intercultural, not interracial because JC is a cool NYC white chick spreading the awesome word about intercultural dating and how it's done. Her blog, includes articles about intercultural dating and advice to those who may be wondering, how to make it happen. I love JC's blog so much because she 'gets it' and not many people do. I am big on intercultural/interracial dating, I really push for black women to do it more especially here in America. But I'm also all behind folks of any race, culture, or gender combination to get to dating whomever is going to make you happy. JC is funny, irreverant, witty, and smart all qualities I can admire in a woman. So I say check out JC's blog and ask her a question if you have one, she will definitely be able to help. So love goes out to Racy JC, our intercultural dating guru.

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